How To Advertise Products On TV…

So you want to advertise products on tv at a National level, and you just do not know where to turn.  Maybe you just need more exposure of your business or your brand.  Advertising can be so expensive if we want to do it nationally on television. It’s very hard to get on QVC, the Home Shopping Channel or As Seen on TV. Not to mention all the red tape and restrictions required to work with them. Maybe you don’t have a physical product, but still want national exposure.  I found an alternative way to get massive exposures using television to advertise products on TV.

Potential Goals for National Exposure on TV

  • Advertise products on TV

  • Advertise services on TV

  • Advertise business on TV

  • Advertise brands on TV

Get National Television Exposure and Reach 90 Million Households in the United States

John Scherer the founder and CEO of the Video Professor, who sold 1 Billion dollars of product on national television wants to help you get the exposure you are looking for on Television. He will show you how to advertise products on TV, or your service, brand or business on TV. John has a new TV show on the Discovery Channel and wants to put your product, service, brand or business on TV. He wants to work with you and get you national exposure.

John has been seen on many national TV networks over the years like ABC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, Discover Channel and more. He’s even been talked about on TV by Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel. His experience can help you get the exposure to take your business to the next level.

Why You Need Your Product, Service, Brand or Business on TV 

When your product, service, brand or business gets seen on TV everything starts to change.

  • Separates you from your competition - If two products are available one on TV and one not – the one on TV instantly gets chosen

  • Branding – Being on TV builds your product and your product’s name and recognition

  • Credibility – Your seen as bigger and better just because you’ve appeared on TV

  • Increases conversion in other areas – not only will more companies want to work with you – but your conversion rates in those other distribution channels will be higher

  • Gets you known as the top consumer brand for your category – i.e.  Rosetta Stone.

Some examples of what John Scherer can give national exposure to on Television 

Bands, Books, Brand Yourself, Brand Your Business, Brand Your Products, Clothing Products, Comedians, Consumer Electronics, eBooks, Financial Products, Health Products, Household Products, Inventions, Kids Products, Mobile Apps, Mobile Games, New Products, Professional Services, Services, Travel Destinations, Video Games and many more.

Are You Ready To Get Started? Start The Process To Advertise Products On TV Now!

Just think about what putting your product in front of 90 million households could do for your business? John and his staff are ready to share their knowledge with you right now! For more information on how to advertise products on tv, head over to http://myproductontv.com and get started today!

ENV2 | Empower Network Version 2


ENV2 Empower NetworkEmpower Network Version 2.0 (ENV2) Review

The timely upgrade in Empower Network’s flagship product will raise the industry standard as a viral blogging platform. The ease and simplicity ENV2 (empower network version 2.0) creates has never been designed before. Millions of dollars in company wide infrastructure and over a year of internal research and development have been spent to bring us amazing improvement. David Wood and David Sharpe’s vision and mission of becoming the biggest and best online content generation portal is now coming to fruition. Speculation has risen that Empower Network version 2.0 will rival the likes of WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and Live Journal.

Let’s get an insider Peak of ENV2

Empower Network version 1 was released in November 2011 and over 60 million dollars was paid in commissions to its members. I would say that was a success.  EN enabled the newbie to get started on line, instantly removing the technical challenges so they could start marketing… where they need to FOCUS on making money on-line

In true fashion … We have taken it up a notch with ENV2

There are 3 new major improvements in the Empower Network V2 blogging system that will allow all empowered bloggers to access:

Empower Network is calling it 3-in-1 revolutionary products:

Empower Network V2 3-In-1

  1. Simple 2 Click Blogging Platform – Using the ENV2 blogging platform is so easy it’s “grandma-proof”!  With two clicks, you can create a blog post and broadcast it out to the world.  No need to mess around with technical geekery, html, or wacky widgets.
  2. Mobile Audio/Visual Broadcasting – Record audio or a quick video on your phone, then post right from your Android or iPhone without techhy brouhaha or mechanical mumbo-jumbo
  3. Sales Conversion Engine  – env2 frees up your time to focus on living life instead of freaking out.  Track your fiscal progress, sales conversions, and more!

This will be your Traffic, Leads & Sales Conversion MACHINE ( Empower Network Env2 )

ENV2 also have a unique proprietary commenting and interactive team engagement aspect that allows for team members, customers, and affiliates to see the live feed of activity and content. You will also have the ability to have multiple blogs through a new domain mapping feature. They created this for being your universal command center for all of your blogging and content generation. A new  feature allowing bloggers to restrict access of certain material to only users who have attained a certain level on the blog.

This is just another feature which gives bloggers and writers the ability to control their content and provide “upsell opportunity” to their client-base (this is huge!). ENv2 will also be launched as an app, which will give users point-and-click abilities from their mobile gadgets. Yes, people will now be blogging from their smartphones.

All this for only $25/monthly…

Why not start today? All you have to do is fill out this short form to gain immediate access to our fast track team.

Using Empower Network’s BRAND New Technology ENV2 … ANYONE wanting an Online Presence, can have it FAST! And not just FAST, but with more Simplicity & Ease than ever before

It’s time you step up and take a stand towards “FREEDOM”.

If you want to read some more information on my main website, visit One Team LLC

To check out my Empower Network Blog, head on over HERE right now :)


Info Cash System Review

Back in 2003 Chris Carpenter created a product Google Cash that was the #1 ClickBank seller for 5 years. Many internet marketers of the time made a killing using his system. Well in the summer of 2013 Chris Carpenter  created a new product called Info Cash System. Chris has been testing is new system “Info Cash System” and earning some big dollars with it and is now offering it to you. (Watch the Video)

Info Cash SystemInfo Cash System

The Info Cash System  is a new internet marketing system. The system is a  a step by step, comprehensive course using video training, PDF’s,  that teaches you how to start your own online business.  The system is based on the same concept used to create Google Cash but now focusing on Bing and Facebook search engine.

The system promises -

  • You do not need a website
  • You do not need a product
  • You do do not need to have an email list
  • You do not need to have technical skills

Chris uses his  7 Secret Steps  to making money fast in three phases

Info Cash System Phase 1

The first phase has 3 steps that is really awesome for newbies, affiliate marketers, bloggers and  some intermediate marketers also can learn a few things during the training.  It ‘s focus is affiliate marking all aspects to get you earning fast. This is certainly the easiest way for a newbie with little experience to start making money. Its a complete course in itself .

Info Cash System Phase 2

Phase 2 of Info Cash System also has 3 steps and is focused on teaching students how to build a list. It goes into details on managing that list and teaching you how to earn with your new list. Phase 2 builds on Phase 1, but really teaching you how to maximize your results.

Info Cash System Phase 3

Its an amazing module teaching you exacty how to create your own info products. This is an updated version that Chris Carpenter previously sold for $147 now included as a bonus for FREE with Info Cash System.

So is this Product for Real?

Yes it is a pretty good system! The Info Cash System offers two different kind of memberships. One going for $47, giving you a lifetime access to the Info Cash System and the other one going for $197, giving you a life time access to Info Cash, plus one on one couching program.

You will get a tremendous amount of original  content which will help you to start your own online business and start making money online, even without prior internet marketing experience. There are hours and hours of video training. Chris Carpenter’s Info Cash system is based on the core training principles found on his previous very successful product “Google Cash”.  The Info Cash System will show you how to crack the code on a big opportunity you probably are not using to get sales with Microsoft Bing and the Facebook Graph search engine.

It’s really a no brainier to buy this product since its so reasonably priced with tons of  valuable information you will receive. If you follow Chris Carpenter’s Info Cash System you will start making money in Phase 1 of his training course. (Order Today)

Check this Article – http://facebooktrafficreview.com/info-cash-system-review-chris-carpenter-clickbank/

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Review My Top Tier Business


Review Matt Lloyd’s My Top Tier Business

Matt Lloyd from My OnLine Business Empire M.O.B.E. has done it again. There is a brand new system in town My Top Tier Business that is in the hands of Beta Testers (I’m one of them) that from what I see will Rock just like Matt Lloyd’s other products and systems. Once again Matt over delivers with a massive amount of valuable content in Matt Lloyd’s My Top Tier Business system.

My Top Tier BusinessSo let’s get into the meat and potatoes and Review My Top Tier Business System. Matt Lloyds’s new system is going to work well for newbie’s through experienced internet marketers. Giving both an opportunity learn something new and earn some money on-line. My Top Tier Business let’s you earn $1,000, $3000 and $5000 commissions deposited right to your bank account. Remember Matt Lloyd has a proven business model already in place that works. Elite Affiliates like myself and others are earning consistent $$ marketing his products. You can do the same. It’s not that difficult, especially with My Top Tier Business.

My Top Tier Business is really a “done for you” system. First you will need to apply to be part of the program to get rid of all the tire kickers. It’s $49 which is basically a cheap dinner out with the family. Plus if you do not qualify for My Top Tier Business you get 100% of your money returned back to you, so it’s a no brainer. Will everyone qualify to be part of My Top Tier Business? No, some people will not I’m sure. But they can still be part of M.O.B.E. as a standard affiliate earning 50% commission on tons of products so everyone can win. Once you get accepted, usually less than 24 hours you will get access to the new system My Top Tier Business. At the same time you will get assigned a top tier business coach.

My Top Tier Business Coaching

Did you just say I’m going to get a coach? Yes, Matt Lloyd’s My Top Tier Business system is My Top Tier Businessgiving you a 1 on 1 coach to work with. It’s included with the system for FREE. Your Top Tier Business Coach will walk you through all 21 steps of the system. Sometimes you will talk to them on the phone other times you might just send them an email. My response time with the coaches during the beta testing has been within minutes to a few hours…which is awesome. And the system has operated very well so far during my review and testing of the system. Just to help ensure your success of Earning Commissions with My Top Tier Business, Matt is giving you something else that is Amazing…Included you will get 30 days of Traffic. Once you complete the 21 steps, you will get 30 days of traffic training with My Top Tier Business. Every day you will learn new Traffic Techniques to help get leads to the offer.

My Top Tier Business Guarantee

My Top Tier Business is offering the ultimate guarantee from Matt Lloyd. “I Will Give You A System For FREE That Is Guaranteed To Make You At Least $1,000 Within 30 Days…Or I Will Pay You $500 CASH Out Of My Own Pocket” So let’s look into this guarantee in more detail. Matt is saying if you apply to My Top Tier Business and you get accepted he will promise you will earn a $1,000 commission in your first 30 days or he will pay you $500. Wow… Who else is doing that? NOBODY… So what’s the catch? You will need to go through all 21 steps of his program. Basically, if you’re not going to going to work at your new business will not get through the 21 steps. So my advice to you is to complete the 21 steps of My Top Tier Business on time which is not that hard to do.

What does Matt Lloyd mean when he says My Top Tier Business system is FREE? Well this is pretty cool. You know we all say it would be great if we got a system for free and pay for it after we make some real money with it. Well Matt Lloyd and My Top Tier Business are doing just that. You do not have to pay for the system until after you have earned $50,000 with My Top Tier Business. Talk about an unbelievable offer. I did not hesitate at all to be one of Matt Lloyd’s Beta Testers for My Top Tier Business when he asked me. You should also jump on this opportunity immediately since its really no risk to you to be part of My Top Tier Business. Keep in mind that do to the heavy coaching commitment Matt is under he will limit the number of partners allowed in the program at a time during the 21 day cycle so do not delay. Also if you order with my link, I’ll be throwing many goodies your way to help you in the process and after your initial coaching ends… I be there to help take your business to the next level.

Click Here to Learn More Now and get started with My Top Tier Business Today

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Successful Entrepreneur’s Finish These Tasks Before Noon

tasks before noonIt is suggested that early birds are generally happier than night owls. Self-professed “morning people” reported feeling happier and healthier than night owls. Is it because could be because our society caters to a morning person’s schedule. It’s certainly true that the working world does. Working “9-to-5″ is more than an expression, but a standard shift for many Americans. It also stands to reason that those who like rising with the sun are also the most productive people in the world. They complete more tasks before noon then many people complete in a day or two.

Do you want to be more like them? Then take note of the steps below that these high-functioning, productive, and more awake entrepreneurs have completed before lunch:

  • They make a to-do list the day before. Many swear by having a written to-do list, but not everyone agrees on when you need to compose it The opportune time to plan a day’s tasks is the night before. “Some people like to do the to-do schedule in the morning, but then they might have already lost key productive time writing it out.” he says. It helps to do that to-do schedule the night before. It also will help you sleep better.
  • They get a full night’s sleep. Speaking of sleeping better … lack of sleep affects your concentration level, and therefore, your productivity. Whatever your gold standard is for a “good night’s rest,” strive to meet it every day you need a productive next morning. Most health experts advise getting a minimum eight hours of shut-eye each night.
  • They avoid alarm snooze button. Petitioning for nine more minutes, then nine more, then another nine is a slippery slope that leads to falling back asleep and falling behind on your morning routine. Ultimately it also leads to lateness. Anyone can be made into a morning person. Anyone can make morning their most productive time. If you get proper sleep at night, you’re going to be waking up with all your energy, and accomplishing key tasks will be easy.
  • They exercise. Exercise improves mood and energy levels. Not only that, better time-management skills, and an improved mental sharpness will help you succeed. You will be amazed with the extra energy you will have to help complete your tasks before noon.
  • They practice a morning ritual. Add a morning ritual aside from your morning exercise routine. Whether you opt to meditate, read the newspaper, read a book or surf the Web, It’s important to have that quiet time with just you.
  • They eat breakfast. Food provides the fuel you’ll need to concentrate, and breakfast is particularly important since it recharges you after you’ve fasted all night. Try munching on something light and healthy in the morning, and avoid processed carbohydrates that could zap your energy. Since you have an aggressive schedule to accomplish key tasks before noon, you need to eat well and make sure you are not thinking about food and lose productivity and focus.
  • They arrive at a particular place. Have a place to work. A home office or it could be an office outside your home that you have available. Maybe you work at Starbucks for two hours to get away from the hectic activities at your house in the early am.
  • They check in with their partners and employees. You want your partners and employees (whether they are virtual or not) are aligned with your objectives for the day. You don’t want to be getting a call at 4pm saying something did not get done that needed to be completed. So make sure you check in with them is on your list as a task before noon.
  • They tackle the big tasks first. You can dive right into work upon arriving to your work location, since you made your to-do list the night before. Start with the hardest task when you are most refreshed. If you complete your key tasks before noon, maybe you can have a nice lunch with your family and off to the golf course in the afternoon. That’s a great place to brainstorm with your partner or a client.
  • They avoid morning meetings. I’m not talking about a quick status update with your employees or partners. I’m talking about brainstorming meetings etc.You’re in charge, so you pick the best times and schedule them in the afternoon or evening. Morning meeting could rob your peak performance and that of your partners and employees.
  • They plan time for following up on messages. Checking their inbox every couple of minutes takes time away from important tasks. Instead, set a schedule to check and respond to email in increments. Consider doing so at the top of each hour, to ensure that clients, etc. receive prompt responses from you.
  • They take a break mid-morning   Get up and stretch your legs. Or stay seated and indulge in a little Internet surfing. Maybe even a quick 10 minute video game. It’s actually good to zone out on Facebook and Twitter or send a personal text message or two. You should take 10-minute breaks occasionally.  It will keep you refreshed. Just don’t get carried away and overdo it and waste time or you will not get done your planned tasks before noon.

If you start to follow this process like other Top Entrepreneurs and complete tons of tasks before noon your success will skyrocket.

Check out some of our other personal development articles like  /OneTeamLLC/a-number-one-distraction-is-clutter-lets-get-rid-of-it/?id=oneteamllc or just check out my site http://oneteamllc.com for more articles

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